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Company produces variety of aluminum alloys in the form of ingots according to international quality standards.
Our production is used for a wide rang for applications in generalness.

Company also can produce several other alloys upon request for specific proposes as we refine aluminum scrap through a smelting process.
As the recycling of one Kg of aluminum signifies saving four Kg petroleum and protect the environment from Kg of west and dross our company also start working to reduce the carbon dioxide by up grades the plant and equipment installation as use care about our environment.

Our company enters the market strongly to meet all of its customers needs in terms of outstanding quality, service and value.

Accurate quality control procedures allow us to satisfy every requirement from our clients, and ever thanks to our professional managerial staff.
Each batch test in the company‘s own laboratory using modern quality control instruments.

You can always be sure that our product of highest quality our product is subjected to a through quality control system where each product undergoes stringent quality control tests of all levels of production and this leads us gain all trust from our Customers in and outside Egypt

We are working through a very active team work specialist in Customer Service, Marketing, Purchasing, Sales and Indoor and Outdoor Public relations.

our activities expanded all over the world in producing and exporting the Aluminum Alloy and Copper.

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